Based on our highly successful XE285 the Mosquito Ag-Striker is the worlds most cabable un-maned spray Helicopter. The Ag-Striker has been developed to deliver a 40 US gallon payload completely automomously. Through advanced terran laser and avoidance systems the Ag-Striker will deliver its payload with inch presision to your crops day and night.

For conveniance the Ag-Striker has been desinged to interface with most of the exsisting crop and feild spaying and harvesting aplications in use today.



Length: Frame 4.9m, Overall 6.6m 

Width: 1.6m, 

Height: 2.1m

Empty Weight: 175 Kg

Gross Weight: 410 Kg

Rotor Diameter: Main 6m, Tail 1m

Fuel Capacity: 45 liters

Typical Spray speed: 14 m/s

Max speed: 160 kph

Fuel burn: 22 l/h

Engine: Inntec 800HO 2 cyl water cooled injected 2 cycle

Power 100 hp @ 7000 RPM

Rotor RPM: 590 (main), 2670 (tail)

Useful load: 150 liters

Spray boom width: 5 m

Spray delivery rate: 8 l/minAg-Striker2


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